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There is a certain energy in the air when you are
around babies and new parents. Madhu, Sachin & Little Ria proved no
exception.  The glow of parenthood was alive and Ria certainly enjoyed
all the attention. Not yet able to walk or talk, she certainly knows
when the camera is on her and gave us some truly amazing moments.

From tummy time to nap time, we were there to capture all the
simple moments that are so often overlooked when looking at baby
pictures. Madhu & Sachin wanted to give Ria a glimpse of what her
life was like as a baby, and the shoot can best be described as "A day
in the life". With this period in her life encapsulated in our photo's
we know that in a few years Ria will be overwhelmed by of the effort
her tireless and loving parents put into her upbringing…. we
certainly were!

Congratulations Madhu & Sachin and we are looking
forward to being there at the next stage of her life!

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Kamal Jain - December 18, 2008 - 9:33 am

Nice Work.

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