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Monthly Archives: May 2008


The one thing I was the most excited about seeing in Maui were whales. Today I saw a mommy and baby whale during a cruise with the Pacific Whale Foundation. Below are some of the shots I got…it was magical seeing these majestic creatures in real life!

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Here I am in beautiful Maui!! The minute I got off the plane and felt the warm air, and thought to myself, "Welcome to heaven!"  It is so wonderful here! Below are some pictures of where I’m staying in Maui…the views are breathtaking!

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Off to Maui!

I may not be blogging very much as I’m off to Maui for a well deserved vacation! If I have internet access, I’ll try my best to post pictures from my trip. I’m taking my Nikon d300 with me, so I should get some great shots! All the flowers in my backyard are gone now, […]

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Friends and Family

One of the most fun things to do at weddings is meeting with friends and family. Everyone you care about is in the same room and it such a great feeling to know that you are loved and supported by so many people.

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Wedding Details!

Indian weddings are so beautiful and they are my favorite event to shoot…the colors and the joy in the air are so fun to capture…hope you enjoy these shots from a recent wedding…  

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