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Monthly Archives: October 2008

A Family in Love

What can I say about this family that this video doesn’t already depict?  They are simply awesome!!! Cat and Lee…we had such fun shooting you in the freeeeezing cold! Ethan, thanks for keeping the us laughing and in good spirits!

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Cat, Lee & Ethan: Teaser

We had a blast shooting Cat, Lee & Ethan…we climbed trees, had leaf fights, and tickled each other all the while shooting with numb fingers in this freezing fall weather! Nonetheless we got some awesome shots which we are still processing. But we couldn’t wait to show a sneak peak of this beautiful shoot…enjoy and […]

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Fight or Leave? A Sharma Family Adventure

In this corner, weighing in at a combined weight of 194 pounds…. The Sharma Men. And in this corner weighing in at 154 pounds the Sharma Women. We want a clean contest, no dirt, no sticks, and let’s keep the leaves above the belt. Despite the rules all bets were off when we shoot the […]

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Bollywood or Bust

Imagine Bollywood posters, spotlights, choreographed dances, red carpets and a never ending flow of great food. Sounds like the Bombay version of Cannes, right? Well this impressive impressive display was a shagan (translation: indian engagement ceremony)! Priya & Sunny overlooked no detail when planning this extravaganza. From athentic glass bottle soft drinks direct from India […]

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A Night to Remember: Priya & Sunny’s Engagement Teaser

Imagination, creativity, and joy filled the air as we all celebrated Priya and Sunny's shagan (a fancy indian term for engagement party). Their retro bollywood theme (which we at Kumari helped design)  left everyone in awe…we can't wait to share our digital animated storybook for Priya and Sunny's shagan…but since many of you have been […]

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