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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Trisha & Steve’s Engagment Shoot

On screen chemistry…we have all seen it in movies. When it works, it just works. There isn’t a formula for this rare and elusive connection, so when it hits you take advantage of every opportunity. The same is true for photography.  Enter Trisha & Steve. This special couple extended their chemistry outside of photographs, well […]

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Rahul & Kiran’s Engagement Ceremony

The east Indian culture is celebrated through the three F’s. Family, Food and Fun. Rahul & Kiran’s Shagaan (formal engagement ceremony) had an abundance of all three. We were lucky to be part of the first pre-wedding event. Family comes first and the ceremony & culture follow closely behind. The traditional exchange of gifts and […]

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Bunny Love: David and Kristen’s Wedding Part 2

There were so many wonderful times during David and Kristen's wedding, but your most favorite part was going on a private shoot with their bridal party. Kristen's adventurous spirit led us knee deep into creeks, onto fields of corn and on top of hay stacks…whatever our idea everyone was into it! A big shout out […]

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