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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Kumari In India!

We have landed and finally gotten over our jet lag!  We’re having a blast shooting away at all the wonderous, colorful and spectacular moments which fill the landscape of India. Below are some images from the past few days as well as our silly good bye video  For any of you interested in keeping up […]

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Vita & Frank’s Hallowe’en Wedding Party

It's a crisp fall day and as kids are getting ready to trick-or-treat, Vita & Frank are throwing a big halowe'en party, i.e their wedding where adults and children are welcome to dress up and enjoy the day with the happy couple. Not many couples would be brave enough to pull off a tremendously fun […]

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Sami & Fathma’s Wedding Part 2

The next day, wedding celebrations continued as Fathma and her family prepared for the ceremony. Her sister's were the nicest people to work with, so we made sure that we added a photo of them below…thanks for making our day so enjoyable! Fathma & Sami, we hope you the most sunshine and warmth as you […]

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Sami & Fathma’s Wedding Part 1

The wonderful side benefit of our job is experiencing the exuberance and sacredness of cultures around the world. A few weekends ago we got to capture visions of what it might be like to attend a wedding in Bangladesh. Below are some photos from Fathma & Sami's Halud ceremony where the groom's side bestows gifts […]

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Frank & Sarahi’s Wedding

With an international flair and a style all their own, Frank & Sarahi tied the knot on a perfect late summer day. Making the wedding come together became a tight knot job, with almost everyone on the intimately sized guest list playing a role. Frank who managed to juggle the wedding, along with home reno's […]

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