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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Caitlin & Walter’s Engagement

Just hours before the chaos of the G20 gripped downtown Toronto, we spent a unusually quiet afternoon shooting on U of T St. George campus.  Normally bustling with students, the campus has a solemn feel, which was perfect for us to do our thing.  Caitlin & Walter, alumni of U of T wanted to remember their […]

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Judy & Grand’s Wedding Photos

The pearl blue sky with cotton candy clouds pinned over a lush rolling green landscape made for the picture perfect day. For the avid golfers like Grand, an ideal opportunity to take in a round… but the day called for something far more special. Today was the day he would face one of life’s most rewarding […]

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The Other side of the Law: Raj & Taz’s Wedding Teaser

What is hidden beneath is often the most worthwhile to discover…and we learned this lesson well from Raj.  A proud member of the Toronto Police Service, she taught us a valuable lesson in not putting too much stock in first appearances.  We were knocked off of our feet (as was Taz!) when we saw what […]

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Judy & Grand’s Wedding Teaser

Elegant, classy and full of laughter, Judy and Grand’s wedding was such fun to shoot and we’re always excited when we get to shoot on a golf course! More photos to come…but for now, here are a few of our favourite moments from the day.

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Nupi & Ashtar’s Engagement Shoot

When we first met Nupi and Ashtar we were thrilled to be shooting their wedding, but were really bummed that they took a pass on an engagement shoot. We knew they could had something special in them, and could step it up to pull off a very creative look. So, when they later came around […]

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