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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Raj & Taz’s Wedding Photos: Part 2

…and so the beautiful saga of Raj & Taz’s wedding continues with part 2. Raj & Taz, we had a fantastic time working you guys…you both blew our socks off! We know you’ll have a great life together..and Raj, thanks for being the beautiful crime fighter that you are…you’re secret super model identity is safe […]

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Prakash & Roshni’s Wedding Teaser

As we walked onto the wedding grounds it felt like we were transferred to a wedding in India…no detail was overlooked and every moment was stunning! Stay tuned for many many more photos!

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Raj & Taz’s Wedding Photos: Part 1

An image of loveliness, Raj floated through her wedding as if on angel wings… supported of course by her handsome husband who kept lifting her spirits with his loving looks. With soothing words like “Kiddhaaaa!” (Hey! How are you!) or “Kini soni lugdi ah” (Man you look beautiful!) ¬†there was never a dull second. The […]

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