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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Amit & Katie: A Sneak Peak

South for the winter. The allure of sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and blue sunny skies is what draws so many of us down to the Caribbean. So when we rolled into town you would recon that some beach life would be in the cards. So far the only thing that seems to have caught […]

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Dipti & Sumit’s Engagement Photos

What’s life without love … and friendships? Friends brighten up our lives and add an inexplicable joy to all of our moments. We love many things about our work, but one of the best parts of our job is how many friends we get to make. From the moment we met, Dipti and Sumit they […]

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Eunice & Gabe’s Engagement Shoot Photos

This last month, as many of our readers know, has been beyond hectic with shoots and our move into our new home/studio space. It seemed that everyone wanted a fall shoot and we were left with very little time for ourselves. Understanding our perdicament, Gabe and Eunice volunteered without out any prodding, to change the […]

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Heer & Ranjah’s Wedding Photos

Regular readers of our blog will know how much I comment on having the ‘best job in the world’. Heer & Ranjah’s photo shoot was the kind that keeps that belief alive within me… actually it’s sandwiched in my camera bag between the SB-900 & D700. I am reminded of this beautiful fact every time I […]

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Heer & Ranjah’s Creative Wedding Photography Teaser

Dear Blog Readers, Thanks for your patience with us. We’ve come off our busiest month of shooting and have just moved into our new studio/home. I know we haven’t been blogging as much as we usually do, but we’ve been shooting almost everyday and just trying to catch up. So just to give you an […]

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