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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Shruti & Sanjay’s Wedding Photos: Part 1

Working her magic and thinking outside the box, Shruti convinced the brand new Sringeri Temple to allow her wedding to take place inside the gorgeous temple hall. How she did it, no one really knows, that’s the Shruti Way. We love shooting weddings in temples as it gives them a unique and sacred feel.  As Sanjay […]

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Sandeep & Joe’s Wedding Photos

A bride’s wedding day is full of emotion, excitement and a lot to do! Especially if you’re an Indian bride and you have to get ready 6am in the morning. If that’s not enough for a single person to handle, imagine being sick on top of all that. Enter our superstar bride, Sandeep, who did […]

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Baby Jonah’s Photo Shoot

Baby Jonah’s got style! With parents like his, it must have come up through his genes. What a fun day we had walking through the park, visiting tea shops, and doing one of our fav baby shoot photo- on vinyl.  As many of you know, we love to be spontaneous and different in our photo […]

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Dylan’s Family Photos

I love babies. Shooting them can be a trying experience, but with some patience and treats, everything seems to fall into place. When baby Dylan walked into our house, he was all smiles. It was like sunshine on a cloudy day… kids are awesome like that!  Dylan, we can’t wait to watch you grow up…and […]

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