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Aarti & Lance’s Wedding Photos

During our creative shoot, Aarti asked us, “What keeps you inspired during a wedding?”…it is true that we’re shooting almost every weekend, but we’re lucky to be working with so many wonderful couples. So the answer to that question without reserve was, “Our couples give us inspiration.” Their love, connection, and incredible moments continue to inspire us even when our feet are hurting and our back is sore.  Aarti & Lance were just the couple whose family provided us with so many amazing moments. From the incredible dance moves to the New Orlean’s Band playing at the Bharat, the gorgeous wedding at the Hare Krishna temple,  and the breath-taking moves during flash mob at The Rosehill…there was never a dull moment.

Aarti & Lance, how can we thank-you for having us as your wedding photographers…truly we were honored to be there!  We’re looking forward to our yoga classes together!

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