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Amit & Katie: A Sneak Peak

South for the winter. The allure of sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and blue sunny skies is what draws so many of us down to the Caribbean. So when we rolled into town you would recon that some beach life would be in the cards.

So far the only thing that seems to have caught some beach life so far is our gear. Our Nikons took a pounding of sand, salt water surf and a few sun showers deluges. When given the opportunity to get a little wet or dirty we seem to blaze a path right into the unknown. Why?

Well, we are kinda adrenalin junkies. When we capture that great frame, we need another one to reach the next high. Sounds like we are druggies, but the result is a reel of awesome photos which give our couples unforgettable memories. Katie and Amit’s wedding is underway here in Costa Rica, and we have just scratched the surface. Pura Vida (Pure Life)!

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