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Amit & Katie’s Costa Rican Wedding: Part 1

There is an immediate appeal in destination wedding… the sand, surf and sun are just some of the allure of a tropical destination like Costa Rica. All inclusive resorts, adventure sports and round the clock entertainment. We took a pass on the saviour fair and took advantage of the little downtime we had by location scouting in advance of our trash-the-dress shoot (more tk). Days 1 & 2 had us capturing the incredible events Amit & Katie hosting in lead-up to the main shows. Yes ‘shows’. Two weddings and a midnight poolside reception were to highlight the forthcoming week.

Beyond the grand locations, the velvety smooth local coffee and singing tropical birds the best part of the week was was the amazing family and friends that accompanied Amit & Katie to Costa Rica. The love and support they gave not only each other, but also Sangeeta & I was inspiring. At every turn there was a helping hand, an friendly smile and of course Amit’s frequent (yet not obnoxious) inquires if we were having a good time. We all looked out for each other and we were treated like one of the family.

The challenge was big. Hosting two weddings, including one full on Indian ceremony during a few short days. The family all pulled together and the result was one of the most remarkable displays of coordinated effort we have seen to date. The attention to details was incredible, and even the smallest item was thought out. We keep telling Amit & Katie that they have a promising career as wedding planners if they ever chose to shift their job focus.

Below are just a few images captured on day 1 & 2 of the week… a Huldi ceremony on the beach, a Mendhi ceremony, and a Sangeet night that turned into a impromptu karaoke competition. Much more TK!

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