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Amit & Katie’s Costa Rican Wedding: Part 4

On our first day in Costa Rica, we jumped into a car and drove all over trying to find the perfect shoot locations for Amit & Katie.  Yes, we could’ve sat on the beach and soaked up the sun, but we were there to do an outstanding job for a couple we care about. We looked high and low and found a few gems to shoot at. We pride ourselves in finding exceptional and unique shoot locations and once again, we didn’t want the typical destination wedding photos.

Monty wanted to find a small waterfall which we could approach and thanks to some locals we found a great fall down the rockiest and seemingly dangerous path. It opened up to a pristine pool of water (enter heavenly music) and then we saw older Europeans in speedos happily diving about (burrrn!)  Wanting to get away from it all, meaning men in speedos, Monty hiked to the far side of the waterfall through slippery rocks and a rushing river he found just the spot. Now, most brides would see the terrain and walk the other way…but Katie said “cooool” and took off her shoes and walked it all in bare feet in her wedding dress.  Props to Katie for being a dream bride- always happy and ready for adventure and of course props to her support system Amit, for being there for her and waking up for the shoot!

Shout outs to the wonderful Dipesh, a fellow-photographer and now friend, who braved the heat, the water and all of our crazy suggestions! Thanks also to our Nikon cameras for giving us awesome photos despite drenching them on several occasions! This is why you buy pro!

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