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Angela & Ed’s Wedding Photos

Angela and Ed are cute. Really, if there was a spot in the dictionary for images that define the word cute, they would be it. Just the way they look at each other, makes your heart melt. Their engagement photo adorns the first page of our website for a reason!

Bringing together  ancient traditions and contemporary classics is what we love about ethnic weddings. After Angela & Ed exchanged vows in a solemn church ceremony they added a cultural feel with a bit of traditional Korean culture. Serving of tea, colourful outfits, and a handful of dates hurled at the newly wedded couple ensured the they were blessed by their elders. We were told that the number of dates caught by the couple represents the number of kids the couple will have. And by my last count they might need to start saving now for all those college funds!

Shout outs to our favourite break dancing Romeo. We will give you a hint, he’s the one in the bow tie who’s name rhymes with “wed”.  Angela & Ed, it was our sincerest pleasure to be with you throughout your wedding day… you made us feel like old friends enjoying the union of two soul mates.

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