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Baby Shaunik Throws a Party!

Princely, spunky, and oh so adorable, baby Shaunik with the help of his dedicated parents, threw an amazing party! A delectable feast, parachute dancing, and a guest appearance from Mr. Frosty himself made this a day to remember!

There were cute babies abound, sneaking sweets while mom was looking the other way, gazing intently at Frosty trying to figure him out and dancing to holiday songs. Little Shaunik was on the receiving end of what seemed like an endless supply of chocolate cake, however he took every bite with stride (baby size strides).

Thanks to Tanya and Sumit for allowing me to capture such precious memories of their son. Also to the parents of all the other kids who made my day so much fun. I look forward to many more birthday parties and watching all the kids grow up together!

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