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Bollywood in the City – Gunit & Sandeep’s Engagement Shoot

Straight from the pages of a Bollywood script came Gunit & Sandeep. Their love for South Asian cinema romances extended beyond the big screen and into their relationship. When Gunit approached us with her e-shoot concept, there was no question the kind of feel she wanted us to help her portray.

The quintessential vintage Bollywood movie is loaded with romance, without so much as even a kiss. We wanted to capture the tenderness, affection and love between the two with the same approach. Both Gunit & Sandeep played their parts perfectly. and the result is something that would make Salman Khan take notes.

Gunit gets super credit for braving a chilly Canadian April. While it snowed the previous day here in Toronto, it was in the high 80′s in her home state. She carried herself with grace and elegance, just like a Bollywood leading lady. Thank-you Sandeep & Gunit for an awesome day…we only wish we could have ordered warmer weather for you.


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