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Bunny Love: David and Kristen’s Wedding Part 2

There were so many wonderful times during David and Kristen's wedding, but your most favorite part was going on a private shoot with their bridal party. Kristen's adventurous spirit led us knee deep into creeks, onto fields of corn and on top of hay stacks…whatever our idea everyone was into it!

A big shout out to David and Kristen's bridal party which was hands down best group of people to work with. Thanks everyone for your patience and joining us in our creative ventures! :) A sincere thank you for making our day so enjoyable and

Stay tuned for part 3… ;)


Kristen's FABULOUS girls…



The stellar crew of the lower budget film: Batman Begins

Picture 10






Priya - July 20, 2009 - 10:06 am

Love the haystacks!

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