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Baby Shyla: Born to Model

It was never a dull moment around Baby Shyla as we were her very own paparazzi! The minute we walked into the door, Shyla was posing away as she gave us beautiful smiles, screams of glee, and kisses she learned from no other than Elmo himself! What a delight it was to be around parents […]

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Baby Adam: A Bundle of Joy

How can one face express so much joy, surprise, excitement, happiness and wonder all at once? We didn't think it was possible until we met baby Adam. From his curiosity during reading time to his delightful glees in his bubble bath, there was never dull moment around this child. He was full of energy and […]

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Baby Shaunik Throws a Party!

Princely, spunky, and oh so adorable, baby Shaunik with the help of his dedicated parents, threw an amazing party! A delectable feast, parachute dancing, and a guest appearance from Mr. Frosty himself made this a day to remember! There were cute babies abound, sneaking sweets while mom was looking the other way, gazing intently at […]

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There is a certain energy in the air when you are around babies and new parents. Madhu, Sachin & Little Ria proved no exception.  The glow of parenthood was alive and Ria certainly enjoyed all the attention. Not yet able to walk or talk, she certainly knows when the camera is on her and gave […]

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The Snell’s Sunshine Shoot

Say that three times fast! :)  I had a wonderful day with a wonderfully fun family a few days ago. We took shots on a train, in the fields, on swings and had a great leaf fight where poor mom was smothered by the rest of her family! Special shout out to Emma for being […]

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