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A Family in Love

What can I say about this family that this video doesn’t already depict?  They are simply awesome!!! Cat and Lee…we had such fun shooting you in the freeeeezing cold! Ethan, thanks for keeping the us laughing and in good spirits!

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Fight or Leave? A Sharma Family Adventure

In this corner, weighing in at a combined weight of 194 pounds…. The Sharma Men. And in this corner weighing in at 154 pounds the Sharma Women. We want a clean contest, no dirt, no sticks, and let’s keep the leaves above the belt. Despite the rules all bets were off when we shoot the […]

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Fun in the Rain

Some people just know how to have fun no matter the weather. Despite the dreary weather Cat, Lee and little Ethan all had genuine smiles and an adventurous spirit during their family shoot. We quickly learnt that this was not your average sit-at-home TV watching family. Ethan showed off his muscles by besting Lee in […]

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Andrea and Baby Nathan: A Love Divine

It is said that the love between a mother and a child is like no other. It is a love which is so pure and unconditional that seeing it in action puts me in awe. I certainly got to see this love through my lens as Andrea caressed, coddled, cooed and kissed baby Nathan. What […]

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An Angel Has Arrived!

Meet Gwen Marie Martin the beautiful child of Chris and Shelley Martin who you’ve seen probably seen in a previous post. Baby was born on July 23rd right on her mother’s birthday! Shelley was blessed with the gift of life on the day or her own birth…how wonderful is that? I know that baby will […]

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