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Love Personified: Monica & Montu’s Engagement Photos

Monica & Montu are just the reason we enjoy our job so much. We love shooting people in love. ..and they are just an embodiment of it! Love is truly in the air whenever Montu & Monica are around. From the moment we met, Montu captivated us all with the beautiful story of how they […]

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Building a Life Together: Deb & Joel’s Engagement Shoot

The dream of building their own home was not far when Deb & Joel joined us for their engagement shoot. Being an architect, Deb knows all the ins and outs of construction sites…so we decided to go around town to sites she was familiar with for her photoshoot.  We ended the shoot in their school […]

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Caitlin & Walter’s Engagement

Just hours before the chaos of the G20 gripped downtown Toronto, we spent a unusually quiet afternoon shooting on U of T St. George campus.  Normally bustling with students, the campus has a solemn feel, which was perfect for us to do our thing.  Caitlin & Walter, alumni of U of T wanted to remember their […]

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Nupi & Ashtar’s Engagement Shoot

When we first met Nupi and Ashtar we were thrilled to be shooting their wedding, but were really bummed that they took a pass on an engagement shoot. We knew they could had something special in them, and could step it up to pull off a very creative look. So, when they later came around […]

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The Top Guns: Aneesa & Savio’s Engagement Shoot

The newly refurbished Museum TTC Subway platform was the first stop on one of our most unique engagement shoots. Iconic historical columns, contrasted with the rumblings of commuters was just the juxtaposition our lenses love. Savio and Aneessa turned the platform into their own personal runway! Savio, an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, deserved a platform of […]

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