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Reena & Colin Into the Night: Engagement Shoot Part 2

Sunset & Sunrise are without a doubt the best time to take photographs. We love the natural soft feel of the light which makes exposure a piece of cake. So why shot any other time of the day… well because its fun, and because we can! Colin & Reena gave us carte blanche to recapture some of […]

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Vineyard & Orchards: Prakash & Roshni’s Engagement Shoot

Spring is here. And with it the reminder that living north of the 49 can be pretty dam cool (no pun intended). After many self induced months of hibernation, slushy shoes and windshield ice scrappers we are finally thawing out…. and boy oh boy we don't waste any chance to get an early jump to […]

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Perfect in Peterborough: Justin & Ann Marie’s Engagement Shoot

For many, the post secondary experience is where life began. It was during this time many people found themselves, their futures and their fondness/tolerance of Kraft dinner. For Justin & Ann Marie, it was even more… it was also the place they found each other. As they prepare for their next step in life, they […]

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