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Lights, Flowers, Fashion!

Vibe Floral Designs strutted their stuff during their Floral Fashion Show. What is a floral fashion show?… well we could tell you, or we can let the video do the talking for us! What we will tell you is that it was a blast. Beba & her team pulled out all the stops with charity […]

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Sami & Fathma’s Wedding Part 1

The wonderful side benefit of our job is experiencing the exuberance and sacredness of cultures around the world. A few weekends ago we got to capture visions of what it might be like to attend a wedding in Bangladesh. Below are some photos from Fathma & Sami's Halud ceremony where the groom's side bestows gifts […]

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The don’t bake it like they use to: The TVA Totally Fabulous Bakeoff

Time have changed from your Grandma's crumbles, cookies and cheesecakes. So have the ingredients. The Toronto Vegetarian Association sent out a call for all culinary creatives and whisking wizard to concoct their best dessert without using any dairy, eggs, cheese, butter or honey. In other words 100% vegan.   The second annual Totally Fabulous Vegan […]

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Vietnam to Vaughn: Chris & Jen’s Engagement Celebration

We love culture: the food, customs, traditions, but most of all the amazing photographic opportunity it affords. When Jen & Chris asked us to shoot their traditional Vietnamese engagement we knew we were in for a very special event.  The beautiful couple (or really their parents) filled the home with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and […]

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Rock Out with Your Buns Out

Here at Kumari, we love music and of course love food! So when the TVA (Toronto Vegetarian Association)   combined them together, it was pure genius!…we just had to be there! Ahhh we're still dreaming of the vegan truffles from Boardwalk Choclates, coconut cream drenched cinnamon buns (aka heaven), and delightful cupcakes…we sure were happily ridin' […]

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