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U of T’s Concert for Peace – Embracing Diversity

Look at the front page news, and you can see how our cultural differences bring out the best and worst in societies. All to often we cite our differences as a justification for political and social conflict. Through music, the U of T Multifaith Centre highlighted our similarities via songs of faith, peace, devotion and […]

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Music without Borders

Cold. Icey. Chapped Lips. Soggy Socks. Salt Stained Pants. Despite the countless excuses to hide yourself away during the winter months, the congregation at Toronto's Hare Krishna's Temple let nothing stop them from their weekly celebration. This weeks the congregation was treated to the melodic hymns of Gaura Shakti. Their harmony and delicate instrumentation warmed […]

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Idea Nation: Changing the World one Idea at a Time

Everything starts with an idea. Idea Nation has taken that small 'idea', and ran with it. The groups aims to help ideas generators & thinkers achieve socially constructive change via a community of support. Basically, if you have a vision to make a difference, they'll give you a hand and help you get the resources […]

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Not Your Grandma’s Bake Off

If your getting visions of old ladies in a church hall think again! Unlike Grandma, all these amazing chefs kept the eggs, milk and butter on the shelf in pursuit of creating the best Vegan sweet in all the land. Hosted by the Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA), the First Annual Vegan Bake-off was great success! […]

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The Dunes

Music writers love labeling bands with the latest savoir-faire tag that sells. While writers will attempt the same for The Dunes, don’t be fooled. The Dunes can span several styles with harmonics and melody rendering any genre label needless. Playing mindfully with folk, contemporary, and rock styles combined with powerful lyrics, these accomplished musicians should […]

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