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Color Me Beautiful: The Art of Sherry Vanstone

How is my hair and makeup? We have either asked (or been asked) this
question at least once. While the smart play here is to instill
confidence within the person through a generous, yet not overly
flattering compliment, photographers sometimes have to take a different
path. If we need to steer things in the right direction we call upon
our 'creative honesty' to make sure everyone gets the point while being
cartful not to bust out the onions.

Sherry Vanstone, however,  is someone we always look forward to
expressing our opinion to. We are always floored by her hair &
makeup work and are super pumped when we get to work with her. In our
latest model shoot, Sherry transformed Vivian from a simple charming
post-grad student, into the next Vanity Fair cover girl. She continued
to adapt Vivian's style on the fly through each location of the shoot.
Perhaps the best thing she brings to the set is her personality. Fun,
energetic and generous (props for the cookies!) she makes any set more

When we're fortunate enough to have Sherry on set we get to leave our
'creative honesty' at home and know we'll be coming back with an
amazing reel. Next up, Vivian's va-va-voom reel… stay tuned.

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Priya - April 11, 2009 - 1:35 am

Sherry is Toronto’s best kept secret….hands down the BEST make up artist out there!!! and same goes for Sangeeta…”girl you have skilz behind that lens “

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