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Derek & Judy’s E-Shoot Part 2

We just didn’t think the photos were enough from Derek & Judy’s last post, so we decided to post even more for all their Facebook fans!  They deserve it after all we put them through for this shoot. Being the marketing diva that she is, after our last post, Judy emailed her incredible dress designer Toy Bowls about our shoot and he ended up posting her letter and our photos on his blog!

I forgot to say a special special thank-you to the brave and noble Derek for crossing icy water in his CRUTCHES with a huge smile on his face!  I know you were freezing and were in pain, but you didn’t moan once…you are a trooper!!

So beware all you couples who maybe thinking of working with us…it’s no easy ride and we’ll put you through many challenges to get the right shot. From brides climbing houses in heels, to going knee-deep in Lake Ontario…now almost wading through ice on the coldest day of the year. We’re so lucky to know such creatively committed couples (Monty’s hypnotizing techniques are sure paying off too lol!).

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