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Eunice & Gabe’s Engagement Shoot Photos

This last month, as many of our readers know, has been beyond hectic with shoots and our move into our new home/studio space. It seemed that everyone wanted a fall shoot and we were left with very little time for ourselves. Understanding our perdicament, Gabe and Eunice volunteered without out any prodding, to change the shoot date to a much colder time just to give us some time to recover.  These are the kinds of wonderful people we are blessed to work with.

Not only are they kind, but they are a studious couple. They came to our creative collaboration meeting with a folder full of concepts and ideas they wanted for their shoot. Of course we love it when a couple shares their vision with us!  We decided that a stroll down Queen St. would best reflect their time together. From coffee shops, to records stores to our own studio space we added a vintage flare to the day to highlight the love and connection between these beautiful souls.

Gabe and Eunice, your little act of kindness meant the world for us and we’ll always be grateful:)

Eunice - November 19, 2010 - 2:48 am

you guys are amazing :) I loved every moment during the shoot and thank you a million times again for editing them! We love love love the photos!

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