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Gabe & Melody’s Wedding Photos

We walked into a room full of bridesmaids giggling and ooing over their precious bride. The giggles became laughter, as the bridesmaids, made the groom and his boys work to get his bride (by work, I mean put on bras, tiaras, and colored panties while singing love songs!) Laughter then became tears of joy, as Gabe & Melody professed their love for one another.

We’ve never seen such a happy bridal party before and it was such a pleasure to work with this bunch. After the ceremony we headed to the beach for some r&r fun in sand…and then off to the reception where the bridal party expressed with such sincerity & love how much they appreciated Melody & Gabe. I don’t think I’ve teared up this much at a reception before!

Each and every moment was full of such joy that I know your lives together can only go up from here. I was humbled in the presence of your love not only for each other, but for everyone around you! Thank you for allowing me to part of your wonderful day. Special shout out to Sean Jacquemain for being such a great shooting partner.

A passage on love from the bible…it’s like it’s seared onto their rings forever!

shreya - July 25, 2010 - 9:26 pm

SUPER CUTE!! :D What amazing natural pics! And what great posers! :p

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