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Lisa & David’s Wedding Photos

Putting a personal touch to your wedding not only makes it fun for you to plan, but it makes for wonderful photos!  Throughout Lisa & David’s reel you’ll see who they really are shining through.  David’s love for all things Star Trek is obvious especially for us Trekkies (did I just admit that– ya totally!) Lisa, if you haven’t noticed, is from England…her heritage and love for her country is sprinkled in every detail of the wedding from the Big Ben inspired cake (thanks to Tanya of Cakes by Tanya for the amazing work!), to the double decker bus taking the bridal party all over TO- with a special stop at TO’s own Beer Garden. For the finale, they couldn’t have picked a more beautiful location than the gorgeous and elegant King Edward’s Hotel.

Lisa, you were delightful to be around with your constant laughing and postive personality…David, what can I say, you took this Trekkies breath away :)  Thank you to the both of you for allowing us to be part of your special day and treating us not like a vendor, but like friends. xoxo


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