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Luxmi & Rishi’s E-Shoot

This is a story of triumph…not all e-shoots end up being self-empowering, but for some, they can be a life-altering experience. This is Luxmi’s story. Once a shy and self-conscious person, she found her voice and boy did she “bring it” to the photo shoot. She convinced me that she was very uncomfortable with posing and I had mentally prepared ways that I could help her through the uneasiness. I thought perhaps Rishi, our GQ man, could carry the shoot and help Lux out. But the minute the camera laid it’s lens on her, it was love at first click! The rest is history…a big thank you to Shivani for helping to prep our bride-to-be and kudos to the amazing Sherry Vanstone for helping Lux’s beauty shine. Now, not to ignore our handsome groom-to-be…Rishi you were incredible to work with! Your natural style and the real love your exude for Lux, shone throughout the day!

This story has a wonderful happy ending…Luxmi embraces her inner divaness and Rishi gets to take home a princess! We can’t wait to be there and shooting for one of the most important moments of your lives…xo


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