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Manny & Stephanie’s Engagement Shoot

Growing up we all had those dream professions we wanted to be: athlete, actress, president etc. While our dreams take us in one direction, our feet and heads typically takes us on a different path. This could be where imagination stops, but we turned the tables with a little help from an iconic Canadian children’s TV star. Taking a page from the late and great Mr. Dress-up (a.k.a. Ernie Combs) and his tickle trunk full of wonderful costumes we realize we can be anything we want simply by applying our imaginations. So off we went!

We transformed Stephanie & Manny into the roles of 1950′s burgeoning actress and her manager (hot gossip: rumors say they might be romantically involved). Stardom comes naturally to Stephanie, who will be the talk of hollywood in her latest leading role. Manny who has seen his fair share of actresses careers fall flat sensed a chance at stardom and even a little romance with his latest find. This photo session was a telling tale of things to come… on and off the screen;)

We feel there is more glamour in a profession that sees you dedicate your life towards keeping everyone healthy and safe, than an Oscar night. Manny & Stephanie, you two are stars in our eyes just the way you are… but it was fun to imagine, wasn’t it!

…lastly we wanted to show you how you can use your engagement shoot in a unique way. Manny and Stephanie made this unique save the date card all on their own with our e-shoot photo.

LBB - February 10, 2011 - 11:05 pm

LOOOOOVE IT!!! Oooh the old-school camera is making me drool! Love the vintage poster!!

Can I please post this on my blog???

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