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Meg & Raj’s Engagement Shoot

Meg & Raj  are one of the sweetest couples you'd ever meet…they're always laughing and having fun..which makes our job so much easier! Meg carried the shoot with charm and vigor, while
Satraj was chillin' with what seemed like an endless supply of lattes on the blustery cold day.

Starting in High Park where the season just turned into a medley of vibrant colors, the adventurous couple played in the leaves… well to put it bluntly Raj (who we think was an Olympic sprinter in his past life) basically plastered Meg with leaves while she screamed and giggled…not quite able to return the favour.

We then headed to Harbor Front for some Toronto skyline shots late in the evening. With numb fingers and chattering teeth but the result was a beautiful shoot with color and feeling.

Thank you Meg and Raj for braving the cold with us and trusting our vision for the day. See ya on the big day!;)









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