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Meg & Sujeevan’s Wedding Photos

They have covered a great distance together. Hitting nearly every continent and corner of the globe. With a history rich in experiences you would think Meg & Sujeevan could take on anything with nerves of steel.

However it was back in Sujeevans home town of Toronto they found themselves taking the biggest and most nervous steps of their lives. The steps that would unite them and their families. Meg & Sujeevan braved the feat not only once, but twice, making their union in both Srilankan Hindu and a more modern non-denominational ceremony. For their vows the forward thinking couple recited to each other the story of what is real… a Pooh Bear classic.

Beyond the glamour of 1 king west where the great day was hosted, and the deep cultural traditions of the South Indian cermonies they knew what was real. It was what they feel for each other. And this is all they need to take with them as they continue their journeys in life and around the globe.

It was our privilege to be part of you day. Thank you Meg & Sujeevan.

This gorgeous dress came a looong way through many rough times…she finally arrived safe and sound to Toronto!

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