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Natalie & Todd’s Wedding Photos

I have shot a lot of weddings, and a panicky, stressed bride
is almost par for the course. Enter Natalie, who rewrote the book. She couldn’t
have been more chilled when I first arrived at her hotel. She was calm just hangin' with her tunes, candles, mom & aunt. Mimosas accompanied memories,
as the three woman sipped and chatted the morning away with nary a care in the
world… (or so they didn’t let on).

True enough to her form Natalie peacefully got ready, got
into the limo, and got on with the ceremony cool and collected. It was a rare
treat to be in such a calm and relaxed environment given our line of work…
Thank you Natalie for a peaceful and fun morning.

Picture 17

Todd, joined by his father, started the morning equally
as chilled at the barber-shop for a pre-wedding shave. The guys were laughing
and talking golf (me a little jealous that I haven’t gotten a round in
forever) were cleaned up and set off to get suited up for the big day.

Picture 20

The afternoon paced by quickly, with the wedding & reception in quick succession. A simple and meaningful ceremony were witnessed by their closest family & friends. Taking a bit of a breather from the business the Natalie & Todd slipped out ever so briefly for a couple photos… it's not easy making a stealth exit in a stretch limo.

Toronto Wedding Photogaphy - Natalie & Todd (7 of 10) 

Toronto Wedding Photogaphy - Natalie & Todd (8 of 10)

Toronto Wedding Photogaphy - Natalie & Todd (9 of 10)  

We are fortunate when couples are as easy going and relaxed as Natalie & Todd… it makes our job easier and the photos better. Thank you both for your hospitality and making us a part of your special day.

Toronto Wedding Photogaphy - Natalie & Todd (10 of 10)  

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