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Navira and Fayad’s Wedding Journal: Part 2

The moments before the wedding are the most tender. The uniqueness of these moments are often beyond words, luckily however the magic of a photograph affords the viewer an interpretation all their own.

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Weddings are powerful. They evoke all types of emotions and at any time. No other day can contrast such elation and tears. Even though we have trained ourselves to fight back tears (critically importat as a wedding photographer) we also occasionally find ourselves a little misty. . .

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In the middle of the wedding day where family members are putting out fires, people are constantly vying for attention. We like to take the couple away for a private shoot where they can relax and just be themselves. Often this is the first chance the bride and groom have to take a moment to reflect with each other on this momentous day. 

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Song & dance are pretty much the only requirements for an Asian wedding….well that and a bride & groom. Navira’s closest friends put together a high energy coreographed traditional dance number that wowed everyone. Not to be out-shown, Fayed’s boys upped the ante by dropping,  jumping and pulling out all the moves. The winner of this danceoff… our cameras of course!

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Priya - June 18, 2009 - 9:36 am

Absolutely love the B&G shots. Particularly the shot where you only see the legs and the couple is separated by the pillar. WOW….and ladies are you feeling Navira’s jewelry or WHAT? =)
Good job Kumari for capturing these precious moments!

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