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Not Your Grandma’s Bake Off

If your getting visions of old ladies in a church hall think
again! Unlike Grandma, all these amazing chefs kept the eggs, milk and butter on
the shelf in pursuit of creating the best Vegan sweet in all the land. Hosted
by the Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA), the First Annual Vegan Bake-off was
great success!

Entrants from every age bracket showed Toronto that vegan food is indeed as
flavourful and tasty as any other dairy based sweets.Why a vegan bakeoff?  People embrace veganism for many reasons…some
do it for the environment, others for better health and others do it to help
alleviate animal suffering.

You can learn more about the benefits of veganism at  Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine
or to learn about the environmental ethics behind veganism you can visit Choose Veg  To join
or get involved with the TVA, visit them at

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