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Ode to an Amazing Sister!

Shout out to my wonderful sister who everyone mistakes for me…we sound like each other on the phone, like the same things, cry over the same Oprah episodes, and have similar convictions for learning and growing each and every day. Growing up, I made her do A LOT of things for me…like clean the bathrooms, get my school supplies…and basically serve me as I wanted. I’m sorry Priya for being such a meanie! I hope to make it up to you!;)

Priya will be married next year and has just bought a new condo with her fiance in Toronto! Priya, I’m so happy to watch you build your new life and I wish you all the happiness in the world! You are the best sister in the world and it’s soooo cool that you’re also my best friend! If I had known we were going to grow up to be best friends, I might have made you scrub less bathrooms…but hey, I’m at your disposal now for the rest of my life (not a bad deal if you ask me!)

To Sunny and Priya: you guys are an awesome dream team and I know together you’ll rock the business world with your charisma, talent and incredible work ethic!  I love you guys!


Priya - July 13, 2008 - 9:43 am

Awwww….Your so sweet Sangeeta Didi!!!!! Thanks for the shout out and don’t worry I’ll make you clean my condo whenever u visit ;)

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