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Our Friends

We call her “the hardest workin’ Cat in the card biz” but you can just call her Cat for short. Her invitations and cards are contemporary, creative and just damn cool!

If you’re looking for advice on make-up artists, turn to your photographers first. We have seen it all and Sherry is hands down, the best. From dark skin to sensitive, she makes every bride we’ve shot look and feel like a supermodel.

VIBE made us remember how awesome flowers at a wedding can really be. Taking a stylistic and fashionable approach to floral, they can add elegant touches throughout your wedding day. Beba is definitely dedicated to her art, and it shows in the masterpieces they create.

Creative Consultations/Co-ordination
Priya is positively obsessed about everything to do with weddings. Her ability to infuse character and personality into any event is second to none. 5 minutes with her will completely change the way you think and look at your wedding.

Arora Weddings
Managing everything from planning, people to place cards can be an overwhelming task. Richha has time and time again shown her composure and poise when dealing with even the most complex events with a friendly smile and grace.

A true artist has vision and Allison’s ability to design hairstyles based upon a bride’s feelings and thoughts is incredible. She’s adds her own unique flair while keeping in mind the bride’s personality.

Bridal Dances
Of the few things you’ll remember on your wedding day, youre first dance is amogst them Making it memorable and classy, often requires special skills. Floating in to save the day is Rachel Franco a first dance choreographer extraordinaire!

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