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Nicole & Matt’s Queen West Conquest

Meet Nicole & Matt, a couple flourishing on the edge of a bland core. Where Matt meets Nicole is where vintage meets modern. It’s not everyday we have a couple so vibrant as to outshine the community in which they live, especially when its the hip and trendy West Queen West. Where bikes almost outnumber people, these two like to ride and explore the parks and back alleys of Toronto’s most exciting neighbourhood. We must thank Nicole & Matt for their unique ability to brighten up even the gloomiest of April days, allowing us to capture but a glimpse into the joy shared between them!


Rebranding Break

Hello dear followers,

We’ve just returned from a wonderfully creative and inspiring trip to Southern California. We’ve been working long hours ever since we got back and very soon will be presenting a new side of Kumari!  So please accept our apologies… I hope you’ll find that it’s worth the wait.

Just in case you don’t believe me, here is a photo Monty took of me directing one of our couples near Malibu, CA. Ya, we have a tough life!

Ranjah & Heer’s Anniversary Photos

10 years ago, Ranjah and Heer fell in love in their high school hallway…today they’re celebrating their love with Kumari. This is our first anniversary shoot, and I think it’s an awesome way to celebrate! We’ve shot Ranjah last year where she wowed us with her modelesque moves and where their love melted my heart.

What an honor to work with you both again…thanks for having us at all your life hallmarks! We’re looking forward to more to come. xoxo





Chan Family Photo Shoot

Shooting a child’s joy is what I love to do…it’s rare these days that I have the time to shoot the love between families, but I’m always so excited for the opportunity. Below you’ll see a glimpse into the unending energy and joy of this wonderful family…and something fun we got to do with the Lee and Chan family “traditional” photos. This just shows that family photos don’t have to be boring as long as you have the right photographer!

India: A Photographic Journey

Many of you have been asking to see our photos from our trip to India a few years ago. It’s taken us so long to go through over 3000 photos from 2 months of traveling…but finally, we decided to put them in book form. If you ever want to travel to India (outside of shopping) let us know and we’ll give you tons of travel tips and must-see locations throughout this amazing country!