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This weekend I had the honor to be the
official photographer at the conference of the Young Jains of America. If you are not familiar with it, Jainism is a  wonderful way of life which
promotes compassion in every area of life…

At the conference I met so many wonderful people who
are actively making the world a kinder place…I wanted to send a
special shout out to some of outstanding people I met….Monty, Saurubh, Pulin,
Menka and Tushar.  Because of all your efforts the world is a better
place. Thank-you for inspiring me!




The wonderful organizers at the conference:


I had to climb this huge ladder to take this shot of over 600 people..but at the end it was worth it!


To view more photos, here is are 2 slide shows my friend Monty and I put together….enjoy!:)


Amit Shah - July 8, 2008 - 10:07 pm

Sangeeta ben,
you really did awesome … you really did a great job, and a lot of us love your video’s you made, espically the 2nd one, that one made me really cry at the end! espically the song!

Dilip - July 10, 2008 - 12:19 am

Thanks for covering this and sharing your images. Neat videos and of course photos!

Michelle and Keith: Love Revealed

He was captivated by her beautiful smile and she was endeared by his wonderful eyes…this is the beginning of  Michelle and Keith’s love story. These love birds only recently promised themselves to each other when Keith (the romantic that he is) proposed to Michelle in Italy–THE romantic capital of the world! Of course Michelle said yes, how could she not?  Together this beautiful pair add a little more love to the world…





Here is a short video of our photos shoot…yes I know I’m cheesy and I look goofy but whatever! ;)  Please don’t mind my hair…I had made it all pretty that day (my sis even put curlers in it to give it volume!) but alas the rainy weather wreaked havoc on my head! Oh wait…this isn’t about me and my hair, it’s about the love story of Michelle and Keith!  Enjoy!:)

Jasmine* - July 2, 2008 - 10:47 am

These are awesome!! You should be so proud! :)

Michelle and Keith: Engagement Photography Teaser

This weekend I had the pleasure of shooting Michelle and Keith in Toronto. They were a super fun couple to be with and were game to do anything I told them…needless to say the shots turned out awesome! :)  This is just a teaser image before I reveal the fabulous images of their love which just seemed to soak through all the shots!

Michelle and Keith thanks so much for such a great time….couples like you are why I LOVE photography!  Thanks for being up for anything and for being such a gorgeous couple!:)


Summit and Puja’s Sangeet: Bollywood Style!

Meet the beautiful couple Summit and Puja…last Friday I went to Toronto for their Sangeet party. Basically, before a wedding, Indian families get together to sing, eat food and dance the night away in anticipation for the wedding day. One thing about Indian culture you should know is that everyone loves to party!  So any excuse to party, we’ll make it! :)  In India a wedding isn’t a one day ordeal, it’s days and days and days of dancing, singing and of course eating!

Summit and Puja had a most beautiful Sangeet party…as you can see
they are a GORGEOUS couple with lots of style!!  I hope I’ve captured
some of the beauty and joy of this event.