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Off to Maui!

I may not be blogging very much as I’m off to Maui for a well deserved vacation! If I have internet access, I’ll try my best to post pictures from my trip. I’m taking my Nikon d300 with me, so I should get some great shots!

All the flowers in my backyard are gone now, and all I have left are these memories! It’s been raining hard for the last few weeks, and it’s suppose to rain in Maui too! I just hope I can get some sunshine in between the rain clouds…


The Magic and Mood of Light

This is my very first post on my photo blog! Hello world!:)

This morning I woke up itching to take a picture of these beautiful spring flowers in my backyard. I got some great shots and went home feeling accomplished and ready to tackle my day. Then in the evening I got in a little bit of mental bind and started to get grouchy.. (no worries though!) I pulled out my trusted camera and went back out there and took some  more shots as the sun was setting. I think there is something wonderful about being forced to be in the moment as you are when you are shooting…for me all my worries melt away with camera in hand.

Below you’ll see pictures with morning and evening light. Each has a different mood based on light…I used to be scared to shoot in the sun, but now, I welcome all the opportunities. Let there be light!