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Parker, Kevin & Jessica’s E-Shoot Photos

Shooting babies is one of the hardest things to do…they’re moody, need to sleep, wanna eat all in a moments notice. Some of our couples are like that too… I’m looking at you Rishi! “Yes you can have the candy bar, only AFTER you smile for the camera!”…lol! However, despite all it’s difficulties, it’s an incredibly rewarding experience to capture a new life.

When we met Kevin and Jessica, they were expecting…and we thought why not bring their little baby into their e-shoot. Afterall, their world revolves around him, and Parker would totally look great in the limelight. Thank you Parker for being so patient with us as we posed you in every which way…and thank you Kevin and Jessica for allowing us in your lives to capture your family’s love. We’re looking forward to the wedding day and maybe by then, Parker could crawl down the aisle celebrating in your joy!



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