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Photos in the Rough

Weddings. We love shooting weddings. We usually average about 2000
shots, which takes several days to process. This can be an
overwhelming process especially since there are so many great shots to
choose from. Whittling this down to about 150-250 shots in which to make an
album often results in some real gems ending up on the cutting room floor.
Going back through the photo's of Haley & Steven's wedding we
discovered one of these hidden gems.

This photo was taken at the start of the reception. Friends and
family crowded around the happy couple and promptly began tossing them
sky high. To avoid falling bodies we hung back and watched in amazement
as dancing circles popped up all around us. We retreated to the stage,
this being the last refuge from partying mayhem. To our photographic
joy it afforded us a unique perspective upon an incredible dance floor.
We immediately caught the wide angle of the dancing and captured the
candid emotion of perhaps the funnest part of the day.

Was it luck, self preservation, or just good timing. We like to
think it was a bit of all three… and want to give props to our
photographic guardian angel.


Maui Weddings - July 27, 2009 - 6:46 am

Really awesome photography. Please post some more photos like this.

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