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Reena & Colin’s Winterlicious Engagement Shoot Part 1

At some point in our lives the meaning of winter changes. Long gone are
the days of our youth where we anxiously gaze out the living room
window watching the tiny white flakes build up with eager anticipation.
The thought of being enveloped in snow seemed liked the perfect way to
spend an afternoon. Ahh… those were 'the good ol' days'. Sadly, many
of us have lost our childhood fascination of the snow. However, all that
was just about to change for Colin and Reena on their winterlicious
engagement shoot.

Rekindling old memories we threw caution to the wind (or should we say
snow) and made the most of this wonderful season. Exploring backyards,
back alleys and back country we reconnected with our inner child.
Building snowmen, sledding down hills  and hiking brought back fond
memories for all of us, but perhaps the one we enjoyed most was the
steaming cup of hot chocolate (tea…really) and a warm fireplace.

Needless to say this was one of our funnest shoots yet. We consider
ourselves lucky to have meet such a fun loving couple. Thanks Colin
& Reena, and we can't wait for your wedding!

Kumari Photography

_D727812Kumari Photography Reena and Colin copy

Kumari Photography 1

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 _D713982Kumari Photography Reena and Colin copy

Kumari Photography-CollageKumari Photography Reena and Colin 

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_D727997Kumari Photography Reena and Colin 

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_D728071Kumari Photography Reena and Colin 

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Priya - March 1, 2010 - 5:29 pm

J’Adore the Bride and Groom Snowmen =)

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