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ShopGirls Just Want to Have Fun: Sandeep & Joe’s Engagement Shoot

When we were done we shook our heads in agreement that we have the best jobs in the world. Using just two simple dimensions, a awesome couple and a some unique locations we can tell a story, convey emotion and create drama.

The Drama: a young socialite power couple, in their element. Hooka bars, and drinks on the rocks… or shaken with one of those really cute tiny umbrellas… maybe not. Powerful looks, edgy poses and attitude (with a dash of YSL shoes) the dynamic duo brought it and then some.

The Story: well the name sums it up best, Shopgirls. It sits at the crossroads of boutique fashion and art gallery. We quickly caught on why Sandeep frequents this Queen West hot spot, with Joe kicking and screaming all the while. While it might sound a little gender stereotyped, but it just seamed to make sense here. If only the name of the place would give us some kind of warning…???

The Emotion: through her simple sweet smile Sandeep says so much more than words can describe. The raising of an eyebrow was all Joe needed to express the narrative. This versatile couple could have had us shooting all night.

Joe & Sandeep brought what makes for great engagement shoots and memories. To sum it up in one word… Sass. You guys were amaaazing to work with…thanks so much for trusting us on the merits of an engagement shoot. Now that we’re all geared up for the wedding shoot, we can hardly wait!!

Fasiris Fay - August 26, 2010 - 9:09 pm

Oooh I love the drama you’ve created in this shoot! I especially love the photo of Sandeep in black and white- wow!

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