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Shruti & Sanjay’s Wedding Photos: Part 2

Having a dream wedding with perfect weather is a bride’s vision, sadly, mother nature doesn’t always see eye to eye. In cases like this, we feel for the couple as we wouldn’t want their vision of a beautiful photo shoot to be rained out . To this end, we offer our couples a complimentary rain day shoot to ensure that their memories of that special time are represented perfectly in their photos.

Below are photos from a railway track which we took much risk to capture. Braving the cops on our back, we shot all over the tracks until we were finally driven out by the police.  Despite the “danger” we had a great time shooting at sunset and though we’ll probably never get to shoot there again (we’ve been warned!) we’re so glad we got to leave with a bang…or should I say click!

Sincerest apologies to Sanjay…I took his car keys and put them deep in my jacket’s black hole while everyone (including our new officer friend) were searching for the keys for probably over an hour. It makes for a funny story now, but I still feel guilty.

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