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Techy Tuesday… Err.. uh… ok… Wednesday

My apologies for the delayed Techy Tuesday blog post. A little illness had me down for the count, but I am right as rain now and blogging away! Happy Hump Day – Wednesday! Well… for many it’s that part of the week that seams to be the toughest to get over…. my solution: read Wacky Wednesday by the brilliant and inspiring Dr. Seuss. If that doesn’t make Wednesday go by a little faster, hopefully this post will.

This weeks Techy Talk is courtesy of Kameel & Kashfi’s recent wedding. The couple decided that using the Gladstone Hotel was the best place to change and get ready for the reception… we couldn’t agree more! This refurbished artsy-hipster Queen West offering, is easily one of my favorite buildings in the city. It has so much to offer, including individually decorated and furnished rooms each with a unique character. Plus they have a fantastic karaoke night in the ground floor pub… go out and sing out your favorite (my suggestion: anything by ACDC… simple lyrics, simple melody, and a sure fire crowd starter…. can’t go wrong!) . The Gladstone provided an endless backdrop for photography, but in the end we narrowed it down to a few locations to make the best use of the limited time we had for a creative shoot.

The pink stairwell might not be the ideal setting for photography, with no natural light and dimly lit emergency exit signs providing just enough navigation darkness for a bat. While this toxic photographic elixir would send many photographers running, here at Kumari we see opportunity in challenge. Having some awesome help is key in making shots like this happen… a couple of Kasfi & Kameel’s friends as stand in models and our super assistant Rishi was the perfect team to setup this shot. Thanks to all of you!

Case Study 02 – Kasfi & Kameel Wedding Shoot

Location: Gladstone Hotel

Concept: Reflect The Physical Distance & Anticipation of their long distance relationship

Challenges: Stairwell lighting… need we say more?

Given the size of the stairwell, I opted with radio triggers (skyports by elinchrome) and setup three lights: One fill, one key & one accent (a system I’ve adopted from the Stobbist, David Hobby). I filled the space with boomed and snooted light, to avoid excess spill on the wall. A key light on the beautiful Kashfi was a Lumiquest II, and Kameel on the lower level was accented by a Lastolite EZbox. Lots of toys means lots of hands and lots of patience.

Mistakes… yessir, how can I help you? I have a mistakes sales event going on right now… buy one of my mistakes & I’ll give you 2 free! Photographers are human and we make mistakes however learning from your mistakes is the single most important tool to makes you a better photographer. Saying you’ll fix it in Photoshop (if that’s even possible) isn’t something any photographer should ever be caught uttering. My regret in this photo… I shot it at F5.6 @ ISO 400. I wish I would have bumped the apperture to at least 7.1, and given up some ISO to balance. Certainly not a show stopper, but a mistake I wish I could take back. I lived, I learned and I will shoot again.


That is it for this week… any question, comments or chain mail can be sent to

Thanks for reading!

peace, mj

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