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Techy Tuesday

Tuesday. Not a terribly exciting day… still 4 working days till the weekend… and it’s name implies it is twice as long as it really is (2′s day).  To help the Tuesday blahs, I have started this weekly blog post in hopes that it makes the day go by slightly faster. So hang on to your seats you cyber loafers and camera nerds… let’s take a trip down the photon alley! First, let’s all get up put one hand over our heart and repeat our oath:

“Photography is the language of Light. Gear is Good Vision is Better. Knowing more is knowing how much you don’t really know” – amen

Perfect, that cover our disclaimers… except for one: No photo has been photoshopped. What we are trying to achieve are result through the process of photography. The extend of the editing is minor colour adjustments and cropping. What you see is what you get!  It is often a humbling experience when trying to photograph a vision in our head. We (the photographer) can see it crystal clear, but making the vision a reality takes a leap of faith in your abilities, lateral thinking and relentless patience.

First question… why? Why go to all the trouble to creatively vision, location scout, and light a shot? Well for me it is about standing on the edge. A quote that I recently read in ‘Lovemarks’ a marketing book by former Satchi & Satchi CEO sums it up best: ‘standing on the edge is more exciting that standing in the middle, beasue you can see so much further standing on the edge’.


Case Study 01 – Gayatri & Anojan’s E-shoot

Location: Dave & Busters

Concept: Casino Royal Inspired Shoot

Challenges: Horribly Dim Light!


Light has the ability to do magical things. It requires a bit of abstract thinking, but thinking like a photon is really helpful. A lesson I learned from the Stobist (a.k.a. David Hobby), is to build a scene up in layers of lighting. Often our vision cannot be achieved by just one light, so a systematic and ridiculously patient methodology is key. With G & A, we needed to keep the edgeness of a James Bond Character and also show-off his muse (hey… what’s a Bond character without a Bond girl). That would be easy, except we don’t like easy… when the photography stakes are high we like to double down. Introducing a unpredictable element like the flying cards, give the scene some life.. but creates huge lighting problem . While far from perfect, the scene comes to life through a vision and a building up of light. Here is the plan:


For you really nerdy camera folks out there… the SB-900′s were all TTL, controlled by a master SB-900 hot shoed. Ok, thats it for the first Techy Tuesday. If you have any questions, comments or request please feel free to leave them here or email me Thanks for reading & happy shooting!

Peace, Mj






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