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The Hardest Working Cat in the Wedding Biz

times we blog about people we have photographed, places we have been,
events we've attended…. sometimes forgetting that some of the most
amazing stories are of the people who we meet all the time. This post
is about a friend of ours who's hard work and organization has been an
inspiration to us: Catherine Liu.

Many of our clients have seen her work during our client
meetings… she produces some of the most artistic, creative and
detailed cards/invitations out there. (you can see her work at She has taken her skill and hobby
in card making and transformed it into a successful business. Nothing
special you say…. well try doing that while raising a 7 year old boy
and completely organizing your own wedding…. in 2 months!!! Despite
her hectic schedule Cat does it all with a
smile (or at least whenever we've seen her).

Cat, your an inspiration to us all!:)

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