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Vineyard & Orchards: Prakash & Roshni’s Engagement Shoot

Spring is here. And with it the reminder that living north of the 49 can be pretty dam cool (no pun intended). After many self induced months of hibernation, slushy shoes and windshield ice scrappers we are finally thawing out…. and boy oh boy we don't waste any chance to get an early jump to spring. 

Roshni & Prakash did just that this weekend and skipped down to the Niagara fruit & wine belt for their engagement photo shoot. Making the most of Roshni' adventurous spirit, stockpiled wine barrels and tractors we injected a little high fashion to the old farmstead at Hernder Estate's Winery

The willing couple indulged our creative and sometimes crazy ideas… from putting them in a freezing wine cellar, tossing fistfuls of dust on them & even perching them precariously on a old tractor. That much liberty has got our creative spidey senses tingling with thoughts of the wedding shoot!

Thanks Prakash & Roshni, and we are just getting warmed up for the real shoot!

Factoid: Monty's grew up in the Niagara Region (Welland), and recommends Short Hills Provincial Park for great mountain biking and hiking!

The spring buds brought to mind a warm and intimate scene. Standing on a 12' ladder we managed to frame in both. If were to give this photo a title: Love Buds


We love colour… and when we spotted the abandoned tractor in the field we made a bee-line to make the most of the colour, texture and quirkiness!

Prakash_roshini_blog-10 Prakash_roshini_blog-09

Roshni & Prakash wanted a bit of bollywood playfulness in their shots, and we were only to happy to oblige. We drew inspiration from the old B&W classics… back when just a smile meant oh so much;)



Ingredients for a high fashion shoot: Juxtaposition of location & models, high heals, creative lighting. 
Prakash & roshni portrait-2 

Natural light. A photographers best friend… 

Monty's childlike compulsion to climb things feeds right into his creative concepts. His justification: "it's for the shot"… but we all know it just cause he can showoff (just don't tell him he usually is right though)

Prakash & roshni portrait



PM - April 21, 2010 - 12:37 am

I love how every engagement shoot is so unique and how you really highlight an array of pics that are breathetaking. Furthermore, this new
Factoid thing is really cute :)

jak dzwonic do polski - September 14, 2010 - 7:32 pm

Wow those are sweeeet!!! You are so talented, those are some of the best wedding photographs that Ive ever seen!,

dzwonic - September 18, 2010 - 10:39 am

This photo is a Spirit Of Photography

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