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Vita & Frank’s Hallowe’en Wedding Party

It's a crisp fall day and as kids are getting ready to trick-or-treat, Vita & Frank are throwing a big halowe'en party, i.e their wedding where adults and children are welcome to dress up and enjoy the day with the happy couple.

Not many couples would be brave enough to pull off a tremendously fun and lively wedding day, while at the same time keeping the spirit of halowe'en alive…but Vita & Frank managed to do it  so well as to even make the kids happy. With candy apples, fresh popped popcorn, cotton candy and a costume contest, no kid would have missed out on their trick or treating

Thank you Frank & Vita for such a wonderful day…Frank, I think you've out-smiled every single groom we've ever known…it was so nice to see both of you having so much fun on your wedding day!

We wish you the best on your journey to charted and uncharted lands…hope you're enjoying Hawaii!:)

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